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Adding Notes to contacts
Adding Notes to contacts

This article contains guidelines on how to add Notes to a contact into Pobuca Connect.

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This feature is available to the Pobuca Connect Relationships plan.

To add a note to a contact, visible to all your coworkers, start by opening the contact profile of the person you would like to add a note to. Click on the NOTES tab and you will see the note field, as pictured below:

You can add a new Note by choosing the "Add Note" button. Our note field has an infinite number of lines so you'll never run out of space for your note. 

Once the note is finalized, press "Save" and the note will look like this:

Editing/Deleting Notes 

Need to edit a note? Simply click on pencil/edit button next to the specific note you would like to change. When you are editing the note, you'll notice a trashcan icon that will delete the note if clicked. 

Note: When you edit a note it will keep its original time and date creation.

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