This article contains guidelines on how to import data into Pobuca Connect

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The links below provide analytical guide lines on how to import data into Pobuca Connect. However, ensure you have read this article which includes general instructions for imports before accessing them.

Import Contacts:

Import Co-workers

Please take into consideration the following points before you import: 

  1. The file you import should be an Excel 97-2003 Workbook (.xls) or CSV file

  2. If your file is greater than 10MB, split it into multiple files before you import it.

  3. The data inside the file should be in a simple text format and the file should not contain any excel functions.

  4. The values on the file for Pobuca  Connect drop-down fields should match exactly the available values of Pobuca Connect drop-down fields. For example, if you have 'UK' as a country value inside your excel, this will cause an error because there is not such value in Pobuca Country fields and in this case you must write it as 'United Kingdom'. 

  5. Don’t forget to link Contacts with their Organizations. This link may be handy in various ways, and especially in searches, since in the case of business contacts you often recall first the organization they work for. There are two ways to massively link Contacts with Organizations:1. At first, you should create the Organizations with their details (through organization template file) and then, during the editing of contact template, in column ‘Organization’ fill in the exact name of the Organization with which you want to link the Contact. 2. In column ‘Organization’ of contact template, fill in the name of the Organization with which you want to link the Contact. During the import process, an Organization will automatically be created, without details, and the relative Contacts will automatically be associated with it.

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