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Import Contacts (from .xls or .csv files)
Import Contacts (from .xls or .csv files)

This article contains guidelines on how to import your contacts stored in .xls or .csv files to Pobuca Connect

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Web app

1. Click on Import from the left menu.

2. Select Contacts and click on Next.

3. Choose Spreadsheet File and click on Next.

4. Select the type of device you prefer to use for the import. You can use your PC or your mobile phone to upload your contacts. After that, click on Next.

Note: If you wish to continue from your mobile phone, you will receive an email. Open it from your mobile phone and follow the link to complete the import.

5.  If your contacts are already in an .xls or .csv file you can either drag'n' drop it or upload it directly by clicking on 'Choose file'.
Otherwise, download our template excel file (click on ' Download Template'), fill it in and upload it. After that, click on Upload.

6. Map your file columns to Pobuca Connect fields. The app will ignore the unchecked rows. Please keep in mind that the field Last Name is required. Once you do so, click on Next.

Note: In case there are more than one tag per row, you need to choose your tags separator.

7.  Choose the fields you would like the app to compare to spot duplicates (by comparing the relative values that are already in Pobuca Connect and the ones on the import file).

In case duplicates are found, choose what the app should do: Ignore duplicate contacts or Update existing contacts. If you choose Update existing contacts, you can also choose if existing values stored in Pobuca Connect should be overwritten by new values that are empty inside the file. After that, click on Next.

Note: This step is optional.

8. Choose the visibility settings regarding the new contacts you are about to create through the import process and click on Next.

9.  Review the summary and click on Start.

10. When the import is completed, you will be presented with a pop up that informs you how many contacts were created, how many were updated and if any errors appeared. You can also download the log file for detailed information. 


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