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Business cards scan feature
Business cards scan feature

This article contains guide lines on how to use Pobuca Connect Business cards scan feature.

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You can easily create a new contact by scanning a business card using the Pobuca Connect mobile app.

Scanning Process

  1. Click on the plus (+) icon at the bottom right corner of the mobile app.

2. Select Scan business card.

3. By clicking "Scan Business Card", two options are available.
Select either your Camera as image source or your Gallery if you have already stored the business card in your mobile phone.

4. Once you have taken a photo of your business card, a new screen will apear with all the related info in the contact´s fields. At the top of the screen you will be able to choose the visibility of the contact.

In the Pro and Enterprise plan of Pobuca Connect, you can control who can access a business contact when using scan feature. You can choose if this contact will be visible:

  • to everyone in your organization.

  • only to you.

  • to a specific team.

5. Once you confirm that all info is correct, click this button

at the top right corner of the screen. Your new contact is now stored!

After creating new contacts using the scan feature, you can access business cards by following these simple steps:

  1. Click on the icon at the top left corner of the mobile app to open the menu of options.

2. The following screen will appear.

Select Business cards.

3. In this screenshot you can see all the business cards.

4. Click on the Filter icon in the top right corner.

Choose one of the available filters. In the mobile app, you can filter on:

  • All the business cards

  • Scanned 

  • Processing

  • Transcribed

  • Failed

5. If you click on a business card, you will be able to see the Card details.

Click on the trash icon in the top right corner, if you want to delete this specific business card. Select 'Delete' on the pop up window to complete its deletion.

You can also see the status of each business card.
For example, in the previous screenshot the card is marked as Transcribed, which means that the business card has successfully been entered into the Pobuca Connect mobile app.

Finally, another possible way to create a new contact by scanning a business card is by selecting the Camera icon

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