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This article contains guidelines on how to merge multiple contacts.

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This new feature enables you to combine more than one contact entries to avoid duplicates.

In the Pro and Enterprise plan, you can merge contacts in the following way:

Select 2 up to 5 contacts.
The merge button is activated. 

At the right corner of the screen press 

The following screen will appear.

On the right side of the screen you can see the contacts that will be merged.

In the contact info area, click on the possible values from other contacts and choose which of them will be included to the base contact.
The contact with the most completed fields is set as base contact and will be the only one kept after the merge.
Drag'n'drop phone numbers and emails to the alternative fields following contact info.  

Hoover your mouse over a contact. Two options are available. Select either Set base to define a new base contact or Remove to delete this contact from the merge list.


  1. This contact will continue to appear on your contact list even if it is has been removed from the merge list.

  2. If one or more of the merged contacts have been added to a favorite list, the merged contact will also be included in this list.

  3. If one or more of the merged contacts are visible to a specific team, the merged contact will also be visible to this team. 

  4. Activities (including most interacted co-workers and timeline) will be copied to the merged contact as well.

  5. Can you merge only public contacts.

At the right corner of the screen press Merge.

A pop up message will appear. 

Click Merge to complete the process.

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