Pobuca Connect is a business contacts management application. Thus, the critical thing you should do, in order for your organization to get the most out of this app, is ensuring that all your organization’s business contacts get in there. Once all contacts are loaded in this user-friendly central place, you and your fellow users (‘Co-workers’), will be able to access them through any device. After all, Pobuca Connect offers a powerful searching, filtering and tagging mechanism so it will be super easy for all of you to find quickly the information you need at any given time.

This article has been written to offer you advice on how to load your business contacts into the app and organize them in an easy way through guided steps.

Before adding business contacts, it is essential to understand how contacts are organized into Pobuca Connect. The app offers the following three entities:

  • Co-workers: this entity should contain the people who will access the app, so practically, it will contain its users. Usually, this entity is used for storing contact details of colleagues. Co-workers are visible to all users/co-workers.

  • Organizations: this entity should contain the contact details of the organizations with which your organization is associated e.g. the general contact details of the organizations of your customers, service users, suppliers, partners etc. Organizations are visible to all users/co-workers.

  • Contacts: this entity should contain the contact details of persons who are associated with your organization but they are not supposed to have access to the app. Usually, it contains an organization’s external contacts such as customers, service users etc. It is worth mentioning that Contacts can be linked with Organizations. A contact can be set as visible to all co-workers or to a specific team of co-workers or only to the co-worker who creates it.

Step 1: Inform your co-workers & invite them

As a first step, we suggest you to send your co-workers an email explaining Pobuca Connect offering and benefits. You can use the sample email we have prepared for you for this specific occasion. Just click here, copy the text, paste it to a new email and send it to your co-workers. Then you can start inviting them to join!

There are 5 available options for inviting your co-workers to Pobuca Connect. Click here to learn more.

Extra tips for Administrators:

  • You can edit the security role of a co-worker to control his permission level. Click here to learn more. 

  • You can also create teams of co-workers to control their access level (since a contact could be set as visible only to a specific team). Click here to learn more.

Step 2: Share Pobuca Connect video recording 

Share the video-demo recording of Pobuca Connect with your co-workers from this site https://pobu.ca/request-product-demo by copying its link, pasting it on a new email and sending it to your co-workers!

Step 3: Set it up (optional)

It is true that Pobuca Connect has lot's of fields available by default so that you can keep all the necessary information concerning your business contacts. However, there are cases where you need to have more fields. For this reason, Pobuca Connect provides you with the ability to create your own custom fields. This feature is available only in the Pro and Enterprise plan of Pobuca Connect. Click here to find more information about it. We suggest you create the custom fields before you start importing data.

Step 4: Import data

You and your co-workers can import Contacts, Organizations and Co-workers into Pobuca Connect. We suggest you to import organizations first and contacts after in order to link them properly. Click here to learn more.

Step 5: Download Pobuca Connect apps

Click here to see the downloadable apps we offer and share the link with your co-workers!

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