Think of the following scenario: Your organization has created a Pobuca Connect account but most of your co-workers haven't been informed about it yet. As a consequence they haven't used it to discover its great value on speeding up business communication. 

To on-board your company to Pobuca Connect, we suggest you put the following plan into practice:

Step 1: Inform your co-workers about Pobuca Connect

As a first step, we suggest you to send them an email explaining Pobuca Connect offering and benefits. You can use the sample email we have prepared for you for this specific occasion. Just click here, copy the text, paste it to a new email and send it to your co-workers.

Step 2: Invite your co-workers

There are 5 available options for inviting your co-workers to Pobuca Connect. Click here to learn more.

Step 3: Import data

You and your co-workers can import Contacts, Organizations and Co-workers into Pobuca Connect. Click here to learn more.

Step 4: Apply best practices

Make sure you and your co-workers are following the best practices listed here

Step 5: Share Pobuca Connect video recording 

Share the video-demo recording of Pobuca Connect with your co-workers from this site ( choose the "play" button)  by copying its link, pasting it on a new email and sending it to your co-workers!


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