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Using Pobuca Connect API Keys
Using Pobuca Connect API Keys

This guide explains how to create and manage API Keys on Pobuca Connect.

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Applies to Pobuca Connect Enterprise plan.

API Keys

API Keys offer additional authentication in Pobuca Connect besides password use.

You can use them either to login -providing your username and API Key as your password- or to make certain Pobuca Connect API calls.

Creating and managing an API Key

From the Navigation Bar on the left side, choose Settings and then Data Management. In the API Keys section, click on Manage.

A list with the API Keys you have created will appear.  There you will see the name of the API Key, the API Key, the name of the user the API Key has been issued for, the expiration date (if exists), the name of the user who created the API Key, the creation date and whether it is active or not.

From the API Keys list, you can create a new API Key clicking on Create API Key. You can also edit or delete an API Key, clicking on Edit and Delete accordingly.

The following screen represents the page in which you can create or edit an API Key:

The fields Name and Impersonating coworker are necessary.

If you uncheck the option Never next to Expiration, you must necessarily provide an Expiration Date.

If you want to use the API Key for authentication in Zapier or CardDAV, you must check the corresponding option.

Moreover, you can set restrictions in the use of API Keys adding IP Addresses or HTTP Referrers. In this case, API Key will only be effective in certain IP Addresses and HTTP Referrers.

Using API Keys

As a password

Instead of using your password, you can use the API Key to connect to Pobuca Connect directly from the Login page or to the applications linked to Pobuca Connect, such as Zapier and CardDAV.

To connect with the API Key, complete the email of the impersonating coworker in the field of username/email and the API Key in the field of password.

API Key use in the Login page of Pobuca Connect:

API Key use in Zapier:

As an authentication header to make Pobuca Connect API requests

By using an API Key, you can make authenticated API requests adding the following Headers:


  • X-ZUMO-AUTH: Complete the API Key

Here are two examples of a call that returns Contacts using API Key in cURL and jQuery:



You can view request and response examples for the main resources of Pobuca Connect here.

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