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Use the Outlook app
Use the Outlook app

This article contains guide lines on how to use Pobuca Connect Outlook app

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After having the Pobuca Connect Outlook app installed (click here for installation guidelines), the Pobuca Connect app button is visible and clickable when reading or composing a specific email.

Launch the app by clicking on its button and log into it.

After login, you are presented with 3 tabs on the top:

A) By clicking the central one ('pobuca'), you see the following options:

  • Search for contacts, organizations and co-workers just by typing a valid term

  • Copy your profile/info to clipboard

  • Show your favorites > the web app opens and you are presented with your favorite contacts

  • Open web app

  • Add (plus + icon)

When composing a new email, you can easily use the search field to find the receivers' email and add it directly to Outlook To, Cc and Bcc fields, as shown in the screenshots below:

By clicking on the little arrow next to the email:

Furthermore, after finding a specific contact, by clicking on the three dots on his contact card, you can choose to add his/her contact card in the email body or copy it to your clipboard. 

On the reading mode, by clicking on the plus (+) icon at the bottom right, you get the following options:

  • Paste contact info

  • Import contacts (opens relative page in web app)

  • Add organization (opens relative page in web app)

  • Add co-worker (opens relative page in web app)

  • Add contact (opens relative page in web app)

For 'Paste contact info': Just paste the text that contains the details of the contact you want to add into Pobuca Connect e.g. copy-paste the signature of the sender and then click on 'Process' and follow the wizard.

On the composing mode, by clicking on the plus (+) icon at the bottom right, you get the same options as on the reading mode (read above) and also the 'Paste email signature' option which will add your email signature to the email you compose.

B) By clicking on the left tab icon (people icon), a list of contact cards found in the email body is displayed. The enlisted contacts do not exist in your Pobuca Connect database and you have the option to add each one of them there by clicking on the ADD button. In this case the Pobuca Connect Web app launches.

C) By clicking on the right tab icon (user icon), you may:

  • Copy your info

  • Update your profile > this opens the web app's relative page 

  • Get help

  • Spread your love for Pobuca > just type the email of a person to suggest him Pobuca Connect and click on 'SHARE'

  • Logout

For more information about the Outlook app (such as installation, usage etc.), click here

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