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This article contains some necessary criteria for the successful data import into Pobuca Connect

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If you encounter problems during the import of a file, one or more of the following criteria may not be fulfilled. Thus, you must try to import a file which satisfies the below criteria:

• The file should be saved as Excel 97-2003 Workbook .xls, .xlsx or .csv type.
• If your file is greater than 10MB, split it into multiple files before you import it.
• The data inside the file should be in simple text format and the file should not contain any excel functions.
• The values on the file for Pobuca Connect drop-down fields should match exactly the available values of Pobuca Connect drop-down fields. For example, if you have 'UK' as a country value inside your excel, this will cause an error because there is not such value in Pobuca Connect Country fields and in this case you must write it as 'United Kingdom'. 

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