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CardDav Integration
CardDav Integration
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CardDav is an address book client/server protocol designed to allow users to access and share contact data on different platforms. Pobuca Connect is CardDav-ready and allows you to synchronize your Pobuca Connect Contacts to any platform that supports CardDav integration. Pobuca Connect CardDav Integration is available on the Pobuca Connect Enterprise plan. 

Synchronization options

In order to avoid synchronization conflicts, Pobuca Connect supports one-way sync via CardDav, from Pobuca Connect to the destination platform. Contacts are synced either on set time intervals (minimum 30 minutes) or manually, depending on what the destination platform supports.

iOS setup

  1. Navigate to iOS Settings and choose “Accounts & Passwords”

  2. Scroll down and choose Add Account

  3. At the next screen choose “Other”

  4. Then select “Add CardDAV Account"

  5. In the last screen fill in the Server URL field (replace "youremailaddress" with the email you are using to log in to Pobuca Connect) and your Pobuca Connect credentials. You can also change the Description to whatever you prefer.

In iOS Contacts you should now see a new group with the name you provided in the Description field, containing your Pobuca Connect contacts.


In Android there is a limitation and CardDav integration is not direct like in iOS. You will need to download the OpenSync app (or another CardDav app of your choice) from the Play Store and follow a similar process for setting up Pobuca Connect CardDav. 

Instead of you will need to use:
and replace "username" with your Pobuca Connect email in the URL. Then fill in your Pobuca Connect credentials in the username and password fields the OpenSync app provides.


As in Android, Outlook CardDav integration is not supported out-of-the-box. You will need to download the CalDavSynchronizer add-in for Outlook, from one of the following links:
Once you install it:

  1. Navigate to the CalDav Synchronizer tab on Outlook and in Synchronization Profiles create a new profile by selecting the “Generic CalDav/CardDav option.

  2. Then input the following in Server Settings:
    Dav URL:
    Username: your Pobuca Connect email
    Password: your Pobuca Connect password

  3. In Sync settings select:
    Synchronization Mode: Outlook <- Server (Replicate) or Outlook <- Server (Merge)
    Synchronization interval (minutes): no less than 30.

Your Pobuca Connect contacts will be synced in the Outlook contacts folder you have chosen.

Of course, you are free to use any other CardDav add-in of your choice and follow their instructions to set up Pobuca Connect - Outlook integration.

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