Basic steps:

1. Sign in with your admin account using Pobuca Connect's web app. 

2. From the left menu, select Campaigns

Note: You need to have available credits in Pobuca Connect to run campaigns. If you don't have, you can purchase. To see the status of your credits click on Credits.

The following screen will appear.

You can use the credits calculator to see how many credits are needed for a specific quantity/number of campaign emails you want to send and how much these credits cost.

3. In order to run your email campaign, you need to have at least one mailing list which contains the Pobuca Connect contacts to which you will send the email campaign message. You can see the available/existing mailing lists by clicking on Marketing lists.

4. The following screen will appear. 

How to add members to an existing mailing list:

a. Click on the mailing list of your interest. At the right corner of the screen press

b. Start adding contacts by selecting them. You can also use Pobuca Connect search criteria and filters to easily find the contacts you want to include in the mailing list. 

Note: You can only select contacts which can be accessed by all users/co-workers of your organization.

Don't forget to save by clicking: 

c.  The following pop up will appear. Click on 'Submit' to successfully add members to your mailing list.

5. On the main marketing lists page, you can also create a new mailing list by clicking on the plus icon.

Type a name for the new mailing list and start adding contacts by selecting them. 

 Don't forget to save by clicking:

6. After selecting the necessary mailing list(s) for your email campaign, click on the Message icon (on Campaigns) to create your new campaign. 

7. Select the recipients of your new email campaign (at this page you can also create a new mailing list) and click Next.

8. Enter your campaign's information. 

9. On the next screen, choose one of the existing templates or create one from scratch. 

10. Create/Edit the campaign's content.

Tip: You can import a template from another service you have used by copying the HTML code of it and pasting it into Pobuca Connect. Then modify it via our editor. To do so, while on the editor, click on 'Tools' > 'Source code' > paste the HTML code.

Finally, you can overview your campaign, test and run it


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