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Link contacts with an organization
Link contacts with an organization
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There are two ways to link a contact with an organization.
Note: In both ways, the existence of the organization is a prerequisite.
Link contacts with an organization through organization view screen:
From the organization view screen press  

There you can choose to link an existing contact with that organization or create a new contact. 

Add Existing Contact:
All existing orphan contacts in your contact list will appear on your screen. Uncheck the Orphan Contacts to see all your contacts. 

Note: Orphan contacts are the ones that haven't been linked with an organization yet.

Select the contacts you wish to link with an organization and press 

The selected contacts will appear in the organization view.

Create a new contact:
The Add new contact screen will appear with the name of the organization prefilled.
Fill in the blanks in the Add New Contact form and press 

The new contact will appear under the organization info.

Link contacts with an organization through new / edit contact screen

Note: You may link a contact with an organization when you create or edit a new contact (see how to create a new contact or how to edit a contact).

Go to the Organization field and start writing an organization name.

From the drop-down list, you can either select one of the suggested existing organizations or create a new organization.

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