Pobuca Connect interface is divided into the following areas:

1. Sidebar - the main menu where you can find organizations, contacts, co-workers, import, admin settings, etc.
2. Top Bar - information about your organization and access to a global search
3. Header - information about the navigation level
4. Toolbar - all the necessary tools to work with your company’s address book, such as sorting, filtering and searching
5. Main Pane - all the information of your address book (contacts, organization or co-workers)

Top Bar

1. features the company name
2. gives you access to global search - just start typing and find everything you need


1. offers mass selection of the entities which are displayed on the Main Pane
2. enables you to sort your contacts by the first name, last name or modification day
3. gives you access to filter's options to narrow down your view
4. enables you to search inside your navigation level (in contacts, organizations or co-workers)
5. offers tools to add or delete an entity and massively import contacts

Main Pane

1. displays the results of the specific navigation level you choose
2. displays the contact or the organization’s information
3. gives feedback if the entity belongs to favorites
4. gives you access to the entity in order to view more details or edit its elements

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