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Is there a free trial of Pro or Enterprise plan?
Of course. Just choose the plan your company needs from this site and try it for free. Pobuca Connect offers a 15-day free trial for the Pro & Enterprise plan. 

How much does the Pro plan cost?
The price for the Pro plan  is $2/user/month. Click here for more info.

How much does the Enterprise plan cost?
The price for the Enterprise plan is $8/user/month. Click here for more info.

How does Pobuca Connect charge for Pro & Enterprise plans?
We use the same pricing model for Pro and Enterprise plan. The users licenses are billed annually.

Do I need to have the Pro or Enterprise plan to use extra services from 'Billing & Store'?
'Billing & Store' premium services are visible and available for purchase on all Pobuca Connect plans.

Are there any setup/cancellation fees or long term contracts?
No. Pobuca Connect has annually billed plans and there are no setup/cancellation fees at any of its plans. If, at any point, you feel like quitting Pobuca Connect, simply cancel your subscription or deactivate your account and you will not be billed again in the next cycle, while you can always switch to our free plan.

What makes Pobuca Connect different from other contact management or CRM systems?
Most contact management systems focus mainly on offering customer relationship management features. However, Pobuca Connect  is a contact management tool for teams, aiming at helping you share contact information with your co-workers on any device as easy as pie. You can get more customer relationship features with our Customers-ready Pobuca Premium that allows you to automatically upgrade Pobuca Connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM in just a few clicks!
You can schedule a demo here.

We're looking for a contact management software that can integrate with Microsoft Exchange. Can Pobuca Connect do that?

Yes! These are the available options:

Download the Pobuca Connect app for mobile and choose to initially import contacts from Outlook.

Pobuca Connect integrates with Azure AD & O365 for user authentication. This means that you will be able to login to Pobuca Connect with the same credentials you are using for O365.

You can access Pobuca Connect contacts from Outlook using the Outlook add-in:
1. Search for any contact or organization stored in Pobuca Connect.
2. View contact details if you click on a name after search.
3. Store a new contact or organization. Pobuca Connect bot scans email bodies and finds new contacts, suggesting you to update your database with them.
4. Easily access Pobuca Connect contacts when trying to send an email from Outlook.

Sync Pobuca Connect contacts to a contacts folder in Outlook using the CardDAV protocol. Through CardDAV you can also sync Pobuca Connect contacts to the default contacts app in your smartphone. You need the Enterprise plan of Pobuca Connect for this feature.

Can I sync Google Contacts with Pobuca Connect?
You can initially import contacts from Google Contacts and also integrate Pobuca Connect with Google Contacts through Zapier. For more info about our integration with Zapier, click here

Constant bidirectional synchronization of contacts between Pobuca Connect and Google Contacts is not supported yet.

Our point of view is that from now on you should use Pobuca Connect to store your business contacts and access them from any device! Pobuca Connect supports some business features (like contacts related to organizations or special permissions), which are not supported by Google Contacts and syncing information would be technically very difficult.

I am looking for a migration path from Business Contact Manager since Microsoft is not continuing it for Outlook 2016. Can Pobuca Connect help?
Pobuca Connect supports migration from BCM in the Enterprise plan. On top, you will have access to all your contacts from mobile, which was not supported by BCM. You will need the Enterprise Plan of Pobuca Connect and some one/off services if you want us to help you with migration of contacts.

Can I sign up with my Gmail or Hotmail account?
Pobuca Connect is a business contact management app that helps you and your co-workers share a common contact list. We, therefore, use your work email domain ( to group users under the same organization and automatically start sharing contacts without compromising security across any other personal email accounts.

We are using Gmail for our employee email services. Can we use Pobuca Connect?
Since it is your work email, yes, you can. 

I am having trouble importing my files. What should I do?
Read the guide-lines in this how-to article If you still have some trouble, send us your files at

How can I invite my co-workers to access the contact list?
Just go to the Menu tab 'Invite', type your co-workers’ emails and we will send them invitations with instructions and a link to sign up to Pobuca Connect. You can also ask them to subscribe to Pobuca Connect with their work email and they will automatically join your shared contact list. 

How do I revoke access to users/co-workers?
Go to the menu tab 'Settings', then select 'Co-workers Panel' and a list of all your co-workers accessing the contact list will be displayed. If you are set as an administrator, you will be able to pick the ones you want to revoke access from.

How do I restore contacts to my new smartphone or after a device reset?
Just install the app on your smartphone and log in! In a few minutes, all your contacts will be available on your smartphone.

Is there a way to have a contact listed under more than one organization?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. Alternately, you can do the following:
1. Make two entries of the same contact for each organization.
2. Relate the contact to one organization, but also set one or more custom fields for 'Extra organizations' and fill in the information there.

How do I extract contacts from email signatures into Pobuca Connect?
Install the Outlook add-in and log in to your account. Then all you have to do is use the capture email signature feature in order to scan all your emails and automatically create business contacts & organizations stored in Pobuca Connect app.

How do we assign certain contacts to the different projects we are collaborating in?
By setting custom fields to contacts. This feature is available on the Pro & Enterprise plan.
Custom fields: Set new custom fields to better track your business contacts or change values of existing fields to cover your special needs.

How can I access my business contacts?
You can access your business contacts anytime on any device.
Access through the web: and 

Access through our downloadable apps:

Can I set some of my contacts to be private?
Of course. You can set a contact you create to be visible only to you and then you will be the only one who could view, edit or delete this contact. This is a feature that runs on Pobuca Connect Pro and Enterprise plans.

If I use the Pro plan to create custom fields and then downgrade to free, do the custom fields remain?
No. When you downgrade your account, custom fields will be hidden. But if you renew your license, they will appear again.

Where are my contacts stored?
Your contacts are safely stored in the cloud, as we are using Azure, an enterprise-level Microsoft infrastructure. You can read more about Privacy & Security here.

Do you have any access to my contacts?
No. We have absolutely no rights to access any of your contacts, unless you request it. You can read more about it on Privacy & Security here.

I would like to talk business with someone on Pobuca Connect. Can you assign me to someone?
Of course. For any partnership deals or propositions you can communicate your request at and we will schedule a meeting at your best availability with our business team.

How can I extend my contacts limit?

  1. By inviting your co-workers: For each one who signs up to Pobuca Connect, you get extra contacts. 

  2. By upgrading your Plan e.g. from Free to Pro, you get extra contacts.


Free Plan: 5,000 contacts per invite, with a maximum of 50,000 contacts

Pro plan: 10,000 contacts per invite with a maximum of 100,000 contacts

Enterprise Plan: Unlimited contacts here, hurry up!

What kind of support do you provide?

  • Free self-service support through our Help Center

  • Basic support through our chat platform

  • Advanced support such as a training, on-boarding services, technical support and ongoing consulting are offered in packs of prepaid hours.

How can I delete my account?
We are sorry to hear that you want to leave. Follow the steps below to deactivate your account:
Step 1. Go to 'Edit Profile'
Step 2. Scroll at the bottom of the page and select 'Deactivate my account'
Step 3. Confirm your request and your account will be deleted in less than 30 days.

If you have some free time, please fill in our user exit survey (It will take you 5').

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