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6 simple steps to get started with Pobuca Connect

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Welcome! If you want to learn more about using Pobuca Connect, you’ve come to the right place. Pobuca Connect is the easiest way to share your business contacts with your co-workers and this quick start article will help you learn the basics, so that you can get going.

1. Sign up to Pobuca Connect and download the apps to access your account from any device (click here to see our apps).
2. Update your user profile in Pobuca Connect with all your contact details (click here for instructions); your team should be able to reach you easily by accessing the Co-workers contact list.
3. Import the business contacts you want to share with all your co-workers; whether your contacts are stored in files or in your mobile device, you can easily import them massively into Pobuca Connect to get an “up and running” structured address book (click here for instructions). From now on, Pobuca Connect is going to be your unique store for new business contacts and updates!
4. Invite your co-workers so you can all access the business contacts (click here for instructions). You can get the most out of Pobuca Connect when company-wide usage is achieved.
5. Although not obligatory, try to link contacts with their organizations (click here for instructions). This link may be handy in various ways, and especially in the search of a business contact, in which you tend to firstly recall the organization someone works for.
6. Last but not least, you can create Teams of co-workers. After creating a team, you can have contacts visible to this team instead of all users/co-workers (click here for instructions)!

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