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6 basic rules for your business contacts
6 basic rules for your business contacts

Best practices to keep your organization contacts healthy

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You can follow a simple set of rules and be more productive with contacts in your organization:

  1. As soon as you subscribe to Pobuca Connect, update your Pobuca Connect user profile with all your contact details; all your co-workers should be able to reach you easily by accessing the internal address book.

  2. Make sure you use Pobuca Connect clients for all different platforms, click here to access the available apps. You need to access all your organization contacts instantly while in the office or on the go for free!

  3. Import your business contacts using Pobuca Connect bot service, a machine learning feature: drop any kind of file or source containing contacts and after a while you get an “up and running” structured address book. From now on, Pobuca Connect is going to be your unique store for new business contacts and updates!

  4. Invite your co-workers and let them have access to your contacts (full or restricted) by sharing a unique contacts list throughout your organization. You can get the most out of Pobuca Connect when company-wide usage is achieved.

  5. Although not obligatory, try to relate contacts with their organizations in the address book. This link may be handy in various ways, and especially in the search of a business contact, in which you tend to firstly recall the organization someone works for.

  6. Last but not least, set some rules for your organization (or team) to keep business contacts and properly use Pobuca Connect (you just need to apply the above 1-5 best practices). All digital productivity systems show their full potential when a (simple) company-wide policy is followed.

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