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Pobuca Connect and Outlook/Google Account/O365/Exchange
Pobuca Connect and Outlook/Google Account/O365/Exchange
How Pobuca Connect integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, O365 & Exchange Server
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Many of our customers are using Microsoft collaboration software like Outlook or cloud services like Office 365, Google Account and Exchange (online or on premise). Below you can find the ways Pobuca Connect is integrated with those services:

  1. Pobuca Connect offers initial import of contacts from Outlook.

  2. Pobuca Connect is integrated with Azure AD & O365 for user authentication. This means that you will be able to login to Pobuca Connect with the same credentials you are using for O365 or your business network.

  3. Pobuca Connect is integrated with Google Account for user authentication. This feature allows you to authenticate to Pobuca Connect app using the same credentials you use for logging into your Google Account (Gmail).

  4. You can access Pobuca Connect contacts from Outlook using the Outlook add-in and you get the following additional functionality:
    a. Search for any contact or organization stored in Pobuca Connect.
    b. View contact details if you click on a name after search.
    c. Store a new contact or organization. Pobuca Connect bot scans email bodies and finds new contacts, suggesting you to update your database with them.
    d. Easily access Pobuca Connect contacts when trying to send an email from Outlook.

  5. Sync Pobuca Connect contacts to a contacts folder in Outlook using the CardDAV protocol. Through CardDAV you can also sync Pobuca Connect contacts to the default contacts app in your smartphone. You need the Enterprise version of Pobuca Connect for this feature. 

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